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November 11, 2015
EDP Sciences on RightsLink, Latest EM Adopter, EM for Books, Beta Test 12.2, EEMUG Early Bird Registration, ISMTE in Asia, ManuscriptsApp, Aries at the NEPCos, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
October 9, 2015
TSJ using Reviewer Discovery, Latest Adopters, Beta Test 12.2, EEMUG Registration Opens, EMUG Japan Recap, NEW ORCID Case Study, Editorial Humors, Aries Speaking, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
August 17, 2015
Brill collects APCs with RightsLink for Open Acess, The Metric Tide recommends requiring ORCID,12.1: Editor Chain Enhancements, Aries Joins CHORUS, Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies Deploys EM, EMUG 2015, Editorial Humors, Aries Speaking, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
June 15, 2015
JoVE, Deployment Audits, CRediT in 13.0, ORCID, PRE, Join Beta, EMUG This Week!, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
May 13, 2015
Mark Allen Selects EM, Innovative Adopts Ingest, Interpraevent Deploys EM, checkCIF Integrates With EM, Beta Test 12.1, Aries In The Press, EMUG Keynote Speaker Announced, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
April 10, 2015
Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal Selects EM, Upgrade! Our New Interactive Grid, SICOT-J: Latest EM Powered OA Journal, Extended Support for FundRef, Register for EMUG, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Join the Conversation, Did You Know
February 2, 2015
Cell Press on EM Transfers, Editage Pioneers EM Ingest, Article Explores Use Cases, Thanks for Coming: EEMUG 2015, Wiley on EM: Polymer Physics, Beta Invite: 12.0, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
January 6, 2015
eXtyles supports Chicago and ICMJE, Building an APC Billing Infrastructure, Days Away: EEMUG 2015, Customer Story: Aries KG, Beta Invite: 12.0, Custom Meta IDs, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know
December 2, 2014
Submitting Data Sets in EM, Register for EEMUG 2015, Customer Story: Spring City, Postcard from EMUG Japan, Gearing up for v11.2, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Product Management is at Your Service
November 3, 2014
AAAS Goes OA with EM, Register for EEMUG 2015, ORCiD & EM: Simplifying Submission, Wiley VCH Transitions to EM Successfully, Free EAR Webinars, What's New in v11.2, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Our Stellar Client Services Staff
September 29, 2014
EM "Ingest Service", Brill Launches Open Access Publications, Are You a Publishing Entrepreneur Launching an OA Journal?, Timing of Reminders Can Impact Reviewer Responsiveness, Wanna Beta?, Society for General Microbiology Goes Live on EM and PM, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: "Production Tasks" Can Include Questions and Checklists
August 6, 2014
EMUG 2014 Meets With Success, PM Selected as Solution of Choice for AACP, Early Adopters Sign Up for EM/RightsLink, Aries Participates in OA Discussions in Asia, ASOR Deploys EM, Netherlands Journal Selects EM for Submissions and Peer Review, FPIN Names EM as Its System of Choice, Custom Merge Fields Provide Easy Way to Personalize Letters, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: It Takes Less Than a Minute to Activate Institution Name Normalization
June 13, 2014
Excitement Builds for June EMUG, Become a Version 11.1 Beta Test Journal, The Department of Veteran Affairs Chooses EM for Peer Review, Polymeria Publishing Names EM As Its System Of Choice, The Journal of Patient Experience Deploys Editorial Manager, Open Access White Paper Now Available Online, Award Goes to...Tony Alves, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: You Can Include An Authenticated ORCID In The Tags In Manuscript Transmittals
May 2, 2014
APCs and Institutional Memberships, Development Partnership Targets Peer Review Quality, Society for General Microbiology, Ongoing Investment in ProduXion Manager, Aries Grows UK Support Team, Have Journal Editors Become Anachronisms, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: You Can Ask Reviewers' Permission to Transfer Their Reviews
March 10, 2014
Acoustical Society of America Selects EM, Chinese Geoscience Union to Deploy EM, EEMUG Presentation: Cross-Journal Transfer, Special Offer from CCC for APC Processing “Early Adopters”, Commerce Manager for Collection of Submission Fees, Version 11.0 Includes 'Drag-and-Drop Files', Follow Us on Twitter, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Batch Assignment Saves Time in ProduXion Manager
January 24, 2014
Ringgold Integration, New OA Journal of OUP Uses EM Cross-Journal Transfer, JBJS Adopts Commerce Manager, Cogent OA Chooses EM, APA Journals Leverage EM ORCID Feature, EEMUG and PMUG 2014 a Success, Release Notes Digest v10.2, Version 11.0 Includes Institutional Name Normalization, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Editors Can Send Ad Hoc Email to Reviewers
December 18, 2013
EDP Open Launches with EM, Endocrine Press Books Chooses EM, NGO Practical Action Leverages Aries Solutions, Join Us for EEMUG and PMUG 2014, Aries Customers Activate ORCID Feature in EM, Version 11.0 Includes FundRef Integration, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Reviewers Can Access CrossCheck Similarity Reports
October 25, 2013
Journal of the American College of Surgeons Chooses EM, Register for EEMUG in January, Japanese EMUG 2013, Aries Director of Client Services, Improved Issue Management with PM, Production Vendors Integrated with PM, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Reviewers Access Performance Statistics
September 19, 2013
Advanced Materials Journals Adopt EM and PM, University of the Rockies Selects EM for Dissertation Processing, American Nuclear Society Increases Workflow Power with PM, Version 10.2 in Beta Testing, Duplicate Submission Detection, APC Management at FBF, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Cross-Journal Reporting
August 15, 2013
Editorial Manager and FundRef, LexisNexis Chooses EM and PM for Book Management, The Royal Aeronautical Society Flies with EM, EMUG 2013 Recap, Version 10.1 Release, Reviewer Discovery Free Trial, EM and APC Management, SSP Award to Aries Staff Member, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Sharing Reviewer Comments in EM
June 14, 2013
Reviewer Discovery Tool, BioOne Chooses Aries Solutions, Taylor & Francis and Aries Global Agreement, Journal of Pipeline Engineering, EMUG 2013 Guest Speakers, Editorial Humors, Version 10.1 Beta Testing, Easy Manuscript Transfer, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: EM Facilitates ORCID Registration
April 25, 2013
5,000-Journal Milestone for EM, Wolters Kluwer Chooses ProduXion Manager, Register for EMUG, Manuscript Services, Editorial Humors, Attend v10.0 Webinar, "Ingesting Email" Feature, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: EM Fetches ORCIDs
January 29, 2013
Canadian Mineralogist Chooses EM, PSU Press Literary Journals, EEMUG 2012 Recap, Beta Testing of v10.0, Change Management White Paper, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: EM Searches Bibliographies in ORCID
November 27, 2012
Washington EAR Meetup, the Botanical Society Launches EM, APA's Multiple EM Deployments, Change Management White Papers, Editorial Humors, Version 9.2 Webinars, Register for EEMUG, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Avoid Citing Retracted Papers
October 31, 2012
First EMUG Japan, Wolters Kluwer Journal Launches EM, Recent Language Options Deployments, Register for EEMUG and PMUG, Editorial Humors, Version 9.2, Did You Know: Authors Can Obtain an ORCID and Record It in EM
September 27, 2012
Maney Extends EM Deployment, Springer Tools and Tips Article, New Customer NREL, Register for EEMUG and PMUG, Save the Date EMUG 2013, Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Did You Know: Cross-Journal Toggle in EM
August 22, 2012
APA to Deploy EM for 70+ Journals, LEPRA Health in Action Chooses EM, WI2013 Uses EM for Conference Submissions, Partnership with Atlas Co, Ltd, EMUG Recap, Introducing Editorial Humors, Upcoming Conferences, Solutions to Editorial Problems, Did You Know: EM Discussion Forums Video
June 18, 2012
South African Thoracic Society Chooses EM, Thieme Journal Selects EM, California Dental Association Deploys EM, Register for EMUG, ORCID and Contributor ID Update, Preprint Manager at CSE, Did You Know: Authors Can Suggest Reviewers
May 8, 2012
ABRH Chooses Portuguese Interface, MSSE Deploys Commerce Manager, EMUG 2012 Guest Speakers, EEMUG Update, Contributor ID Poll, Did You Know: Electronic Calendar Reminders Video
March 26, 2012
JoVE Selects Editorial Manager, ErrNET Free Trial, Register for EMUG, Version 9.1 Release, Cross-Journal Manuscript Transfer, Upcoming Conferences, V9.2 People Flags, Did You Know: Search People Notes
January 25, 2012
Duke University Press Deployments, Aries' Expanding Software Campus, Google Analytics for EM Journals, New Client Services Project Manager, Plagiarism Detection Webinar, Edinburgh University Press's Deleuze Studies, Did You Know: Automatic Plagiarism Detection Video
December 28, 2011
New Customers, EEMUG 2011 Recap, 50+ Japanese Journals Launch EM, ORCID "Use Cases", Register for V9.0 Webinars, V9.1 Beta Testing, Video Tour of Production Status Grid, Did You Know: Reviewer Form Enhancements
November 17, 2011
Preprint Manager Special Issue
Preprint Manager Discussion Group, The American Meteorological Society and PM, Dartmouth Journal Services and NLM DTD, Aries Commits to JATS, Meet Us at Online Information, Register for EEMUG, Did You Know: PM Production Status Grid Video
September 23, 2011
Register for EEMUG 2011, Version 9.0 Beta Testing, Springer's Standardized Editorial Processes, Gastroenterology Introduces Author Fee Processing, Increased Language Options, EM Proposals Menu, Aries Donates EM Site to CSE, Did You Know: Manuscript Flags Video
July 29, 2011
EMUG 2011 Recap, PLoS ONE Reports Increases, Version 8.2 Released in June, v8.2 Webinars, EM Supports ChemDraw, Did You Know: Discussion Forums
June 1, 2011
Brill to Extend EM to all 150 Journals, ICE Publishing's New Series and EM Sites, Open-Peer-Review Poll Question, EMUG Reminder, Did You Know: New Video on Editor Attachments
April 25, 2011
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® Employs Chinese Toggle Feature, Ohio State University Selects EM, TESOL Adopts Preprint Manager, Aries Systems Supports ORCID Initiative, Congratulations to Maney Publishing, Register for EMUG, Did You Know: Linked Submissions
March 16, 2011
The Endocrine Society Launches Four EM sites, Psychological Medicine Goes Live with EM, Register for EMUG, Enterprise Analytics Reporting Video, Version 8.2 Beta Testing, Did You Know: New v8.1 Reviewer Form Configurability
February 14, 2011
AER Case Study, the APHA Chooses EM, Selects EM, Version 8.1, Online Information Asia-Pacific, Did You Know: Customize Details for Each Manuscript
December 17, 2010
Edinburgh University Press Chooses EM, Simplified Chinese EM Interface, Meetings Recap, BQFJ Launches Journals, Capture Research Funding Sources, Collecting Submission Fees with CM, Did You Know: Assign DOI's
October 29, 2010
European User Group Meetings, MMA to Deploy EM,
8.1 Beta Testing, Legal Publisher Selects EM, French Language Version, Aries Grows UK Team, NLM 3.0, Did You Know?
September 28, 2010
Japanese EM Edition, CIG Media deploys EM, Delegation of Chinese editors visits Aries, Automatic Reference Correction, Upcoming Webinars, Did you know?
August 13, 2010
PLoS ONE, EMUG 2010 A Success, Chapingo University, Version 8.0, Did You Know?
May 28, 2010
COPE, Forms Processing,
Author Resolver, Upcoming Webinars
May 6, 2010
Co-Author Confirmations, Arab Law Quarterly,
Preparing Authors, The Clinical Biochemists Reviews,
Using EM to Process Book Reviews,
IOP Conference Series
March 31, 2010
AMS Selects EM & PM,
PM Provides Workflow Control for Ophthalmology Publisher, Journal of Interventional Gastroenterology, Editor Discussion Forum,
Origin Editorial, SWORD Protocol
February 26, 2010
Journal Production Tracking in Japan, Extended Reporting, ICMJE Disclosure Forms,
American Welding Society, International Congress for Applied Mineralogy, Automated Reviewer Reminders
January 29, 2010
Author Disambiguation, Version 7.3 in Beta,
3,600+ Journals live on EM,
Multilingual "Toolkit", Upcoming Webinars
December 28, 2009
Authors Benefit from Peer Review, Version 7.2,
EM Portal Functionality, EEMUG 2009
September 28, 2009
NecPlus Selects EM,
EEMUG Registration Opens,
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs,
Dutch Medical Journal Selects PM,
Beta Test Volunteers
July 28, 2009
EMUG 2009 A Great Success,
American Nuclear Society Selects EM,
Impact Factor Increase for Long Term EM Journal,
Automated Reference Checking and Linking,
Upcoming Webinars
May 22, 2009
Version 7.0, Military Medicine,
Water Quality Research Journal of Canada, Brazilian Society of Urology, Commerce Manager, ISMTE
April 10, 2009
Mark Ware at EMUG, AER and EM, EM in China,
Sudanese Journal of Ophthalmology,
Blog Interview
February 20, 2009
Behavioral and Brain Sciences,
John Benjamins, EMH Swiss Medical Publishers,
Malaysian Medical Journal
November 12, 2008
3,000+ Journals, Dutch Medical Journal,
Professional Engineering Publishing, Upcoming Webinars,
History of Peer Review
September 17, 2008
Aries and EDP, EM Version 6.1, Advantages of PM,
JBJS Adopts PM
July 8, 2008
Tutorials in Chinese, First Indian Journal, EMUG 2008 Recap, Low Support Costs